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Why blinds are better than curtains

7th April 2021

Vertical Blinds in Doncaster

Choosing between blinds and curtains can be difficult. Whilst curtains come in attractive designs and act as a good insulator against drafts, blinds have many benefits which ultimately make them the better option. Read on to discover why blinds are better than curtains for your property.  

So why are blinds better than curtains?



So many fantastic styles, colours, and fabrics

One of the biggest advantages of choosing blinds is that there are so many different styles to choose from. The range of blinds has evolved dramatically in recent years, with modern options like Perfect Fit and Day and Night blinds adding to more traditional styles like Venetian and Roman blinds. A huge range of colours, patterns, and fabrics are available too. Whatever your needs and tastes, you’re sure to find blinds to suit them. At Barton Blinds, we stock one of the biggest and best ranges of window blinds in Doncaster, so why not get in touch? We can come out to your home and showcase our impressive catalogue of samples. 

Superb light control 

Why blinds are better than curtains

Blinds offer fantastic light control. By drawing back your blinds, you can let in maximum light, letting you bring the outdoors inside. However, if you require less light or greater privacy, you can simply angle the louvres. This reduces the natural daylight coming into a room. You can filter the light according to your needs. As well as being perfect for windows, blinds also work well for bi-folding or patio doors. The best blinds for controlling light are vertical or Venetian blinds.

Keep your home comfortable all year round

Whilst curtains can usually be relied upon to keep your home warm and cosy during the colder winter months, they’re not so great at keeping temperatures down when summer arrives. Comparatively, blinds are well-known for their insulative qualities which allow them to keep homes comfortable throughout the seasons. Roman blinds are a good choice since they not only work extremely well in the summer months but if thicker materials are used, they can keep the heat in effectively too. 

Day and Night blinds are also worth considering since they are able to trap heat between their two layers. They are able to retain the heat during the winter months and reflect it during the summer. A well-insulated home means you’re less likely to turn up the thermostat or crank up the air-con. The cost of heating and cooling your home is lower when you choose the right blinds in Doncaster.

Stay looking their best 

Curtains are often difficult to maintain, which means they don’t usually stay looking their best for very long. Many curtains require dry cleaning since you can ruin them by washing them yourself, and this can be expensive. Blinds on the other hand are usually easier to maintain. Many types of blinds simply require a quick wipe down, particularly those that are constructed from PVC or other wipe-clean fabrics. These blinds are ideal for rooms that tend to attract mess, including kitchens, bathrooms, and children’s bedrooms. Blinds can be relied upon to stay looking chic and elegant throughout the years.  

Wonderfully timeless  

Conservatory Blinds in Doncaster

Blinds have become the go-to window covering, with many people choosing them over curtains to dress their windows. One reason for this is that they’re so wonderfully timeless. Whilst curtains have lost some of their appeal over the years, the charm of blinds continues to enchant people. Many blind types have been around for hundreds and some even thousands of years, yet they still look stylish. Roman blinds are the perfect example. Created over 2000 years ago at the time of the construction of the Colosseum in Rome, they remain one of the most in-demand blind types today. 

Easy to operate 

Curtains are incredibly easy to use, however, blinds today are just as simple to operate. Since they’re usually completely cordless, you don’t need to worry about cords getting caught or tangled at any point. Rather than pulling a cord to raise blinds, many come with a SafeLock button at the bottom which holds the cord tension in place. The lack of cords not only makes blinds easier to use and more aesthetically pleasing, but safer for children and animals too. 

Many types of blinds also come with an automated option, allowing you to operate them from wherever you are. Using a remote or an app via your device, you can open and close them whenever you want without even getting out of your armchair. This can make life so much easier, particularly if you have issues with mobility or you have several window blinds throughout your home. You can also set them to open or close at certain times too. This can help your home to appear occupied when you’re not there, deterring would-be intruders and boosting your security levels. 

Highly affordable 

Whilst both blinds and curtains are relatively budget-friendly, blinds tend to be cheaper due to there being less material involved in their construction. Curtains are generally more expensive, particularly if you opt for a bespoke solution. Made to measure curtains can be quite costly. At Barton Blinds, we offer made to measure blinds in Doncaster at highly competitive prices. We work with many of the biggest brands in the business, including Arena, Decora, Louvolite, and Velux, making sure our customers receive high-quality blinds which represent superb value for money. 

Contact us 

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