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What’s the difference between awnings and canopies?

19th December 2017

You have probably heard about awnings and canopies in passing but if you’re wondering which one is which – we’re here to help distinguish between the two, so you know exactly what it is you’ve been looking for. To cover the basics, awnings are attached to a building and extend outwards, whereas canopies are freestanding but they both offer different solutions to the same problem.


Commercial Awnings & Canopies


  –  Where are they placed?

They are used for both commercial and domestic reasons, awnings are generally mounted over a window leading onto a patio, walkway and porch and fitted on any side of a building.

  –  Type of fixture

Awnings are permanent fixtures but they can be extended and retracted to make for an easy, no fuss shelter solution. However because of the way they are built, they must stay put (where they have been originally installed), as they do not offer the flexibility of moving to a new location. This being said, if you have an awning placed over a door or window, you probably already have set it up in a location that best suits you.

  –  Light control

Awnings are ideal for controlling the light both inside and outside a property. They provide protection from harsh UV rays and rainfall, enabling customers to use their garden whenever they feel like it. Awnings have been revolutionising the way we live and encourage us to get that much needed fresh air.

  –  Reduce energy bills

By positioning them over windows and doors, you can help to reduce your energy bills in the summer because you will not need to use your air conditioning. The shade from the awnings will reduce the heat and filter the sun’s UV rays meaning that your home will be much cooler when they’re fully extended.

  –  Shelter to you and your things

Awnings give you an extended dry area where you can leave your dirty shoes after a long and tiring walk, bikes, tables and chairs. Canopies give a better home for these bit and bobs, rather than sitting on the inside of your hallway.

  –  Sizes

Awnings can vary in size, which is ideal should you require a small one to fit just over your patio or a large one to host family BBQs in the summer. However because of the way awnings are installed, they can only be so big because they would require other support, which would mean you’re better off having a canopy instead.



Commercial Awnings Doncaster

  –  Where are they placed?

Canopies offer convenience as they can be placed near enough anywhere but mostly ideal for outside areas with seating and tables. These can be used for all types of reasons including friendly gatherings and work dos.

  –  Type of fixture

Unlike awnings, canopies are free-standing and offer you the flexibility to move the structure to wherever you see fit. Canopies are not a permanent fixture, so they do require disassembly when not in use – but it’s portable which means you can store them and take them elsewhere with ease.

  –  Light control

Like awnings, canopies also offer light control. They’re ideal in the summer because they provide the perfect shade whilst you sit and admire the nice weather.

  –  Shelter you and your things

Thanks to the shade canopies offer, you and your things will be safe from the penetrating UV rays. This is an ideal shelter for your garden furniture and will save you the unnecessary costs of buying new upholstery when they fade.

  –  Sizes

Canopies can be as big as 21 feet long and 30 feet wide, so whatever the size of party – you know that you’ll be covered. Pop-up canopies are ideal for all sorts of events and parties, and they certainly add a little extra luxury to the experience.


Whether you’re looking for blinds, awnings or canopies, trust in our experienced team here at Barton Blinds Ltd to provide you with first-rate products and installations. We provide free quotations, free fittings, free measuring and free home visits – so you can spend your money on what really matters. Based in Doncaster we extend our services through Bawtry and Rossington so if you’re within these areas, give us a call us today – we’re happy to help.

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