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Should I Fit My Blinds Inside or Outside the Recess

19th June 2015

Particularly when replacing curtains which have served to cover windows, working out whether blinds will look better inside or outside the recess can be tricky. This is because, straightforwardly enough, blinds operate in a completely different way from curtains. Of course, if you happen to be replacing a set of blinds, then the decision making process becomes consequently easier, but there are still a few considerations worth weighing up, especially if you are changing the type of blinds that will cover the window. Fitting a set of blinds inside a recess, or outside of it, is perfectly possible and there is no right or wrong way to proceed. Indeed, both methods offer certain advantages that the other does not.

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Fitting Blinds Outside of Recesses

When a window is not flush to the wall, there is a recess which is created. This internal space in a room is rarely used during the day, unless the sill of the window is put to some use. Therefore, hanging a blind outside of the recess usually causes no problem in terms of lost space. However, generally speaking, the size of the blind will need to be larger than that of the recess. Far from being a disadvantage, this can mean that standard size blinds can be bought without needing to be cut down to size. Although roller blinds are relatively simply to cut down, Venetian style blinds or Roman ones need a professional to do this well, leading to increased cost.

Another good reason to hang blinds outside of a recess is that the available light coming into the room will be increased. Unless you are considering vertical blinds, the light which is restricted by a set is mostly to be found at the top of the window. With blinds which are mounted on the outside of the recess, well above the top of the window’s frame, no light is blocked out when the blind is fully pulled up. This is great for all sorts of rooms and not just for ones which don’t have a great deal of natural light. After all, one of the reasons to choose blinds at all – over curtains – is that they can often allow more natural illumination.

Fitting Blinds Inside of Recesses

The inside of a recess is a perfectly viable option for fitting a blind. Although the top of the window will be partially covered by the blind, this will make little difference if the blind is left down for most of the time. Indeed, Venetian blinds, which are used to provide privacy as well as light control, by altering the angle of the slats, often simply look better when they are fitted to the dimensions of the recess, covering both the window and its frame.

With a blind that is fitted into the recess of a window, its control mechanism can be neatly tucked away, commonly to one side of the blind. Although, neat controls are perfectly possible with outwardly fitted blinds too, they tend to be positioned outside the natural line of sight when they are situated within a recess. In addition, blinds that are installed within recesses mean that they can be lowered fully without covering up the sill. This means that if you use your sill for ornaments or photo frames, for example, that they are not covered up when the blind is closed.


Here at Barton Blinds, we are proud to provide the highest quality blinds and installation services for all our clients. From Roman blinds to roller blinds and Venetian blinds, we have the skills, the dedication and the experience to fit your solution perfectly in your home or business premises. Take a look at our Blinds Buying Guide if you want to know more about what to take into account when buying blinds. For further information don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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