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How to Make Your Windows Energy-Efficient

8th March 2022

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It’s extremely likely that you have already switched on the heating in your home. This makes sense because it’s getting quite chilly out there. However, what doesn’t make sense is wasting energy and paying more than you need to in order to heat your home. With this in mind, Barton Blinds are here to help you make your windows energy-efficient. This will assist you so you make the most of your energy bills and maybe even reduce them.

What Causes Heat Loss In The Home?

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There are many factors inside the home that can affect how energy-efficient it is. As heat can escape through the roof, windows, gaps around doors and even through the floor. In order to reduce this wasted energy, it’s vital to find simple ways to combat this easily transferable heat. This can be done by using loft insulation, fitted blinds, draught excluders, rugs and carpets.

Blinds That’ll Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

Blinds are by far one of the more affordable solutions to make for a more efficient home. They can be fitted perfectly over the windows to trap the hot air during the winter and expel it during the summer. This in turn means that you needn’t change your window coverings to suit the seasons.


The clue is in the name, blackout blinds are ideal for creating a blackout, a simple and easy way to keep out the sun. Idyllic for living rooms during the summer to allow for movie night. They are a great addition to bedrooms, to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. Not to mention, they’re thick and have a special lining and coating to ensure that the heat remains inside the room, rather than being conducted to the bitter cold outside. They’re recommended for children’s bedrooms because they help with soundproofing, meaning that the neighbour’s dog won’t be encouraging them to wake up at the break of dawn. Blackout blinds can be found in a range of colours, so you can adapt to your home effortlessly.

Roman Blinds

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For style and insulation, Roman blinds are a great choice for your windows. Their thick material is ideal for the winter because they will certainly help to retain the heat and they help to make the home cosy with their beautiful traditional pleats. This style is available in both soft cloth or wood weave and can be professionally fitted to enhance your window’s efficiency. If you choose fabric, you can be sure that there’s a variety of shades, block colours and patterns to choose from, so you can match or contrast your home with ease.

Perfect Fit 

Go for maximum coverage when you invest in Perfect Fit blinds. These window coverings can fit all shapes and sizes of windows. They’re a neat, attractive option that looks flawless within the home because they snap into place around the window’s frame. Perfect Fit blinds do not require any cumbersome rails or unnecessary drill holes or screws. They’re incredibly effective during the wintertime because they leave no gaps and they also offer effective light control. These stylish and contemporary blinds might just be the solution you need to make your home more energy-efficient.

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