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Maintaining Privacy with Blinds

29th July 2015

When the sun’s shining we all want to let the light into our homes, but it can be hard to maintain privacy with all the windows open – especially when living on the ground floor or on busy streets.

An increasingly popular alternative to curtains or dated nets are the addition of blinds to a window, allowing homeowners increased control over the level of light and privacy they let into their homes. Here at Barton Blinds, we’ve listed some of the best options for staying in the light, but out of display in your home.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds have always been a popular choice thanks to their dual functionality and stylish appeal. The thin slats can provide light throughout the day whilst also maintaining a block from observers passing by, and can be fully closed at night to block out the light if required.


Wooden blinds

Alternatively, contemporary wooden blinds are becoming an increasingly popular addition to a room for their modern look. Although the wooden slats block out more light overall when open, they can also be folded back to reveal the whole window easily if needed, or shuttered for full privacy.


Roller blinds

Roller blinds not only increase the level of privacy you have at home, but can also make a bold statement through the range of colours available in here at Barton Blinds. They are commonly made from a sheer material that still allows a lot of light through, and give home homeowners control of the level of privacy they need for the interior via how much of the roller is lowered.


Vertical blinds

Similar to venetian blinds, the vertical option allows the level of light and privacy to be controlled via the way the blinds are tilted. Vertical blinds can be perfect for tall windows or sliding doors, and fold away compactly should the doors or windows be opened.


Vision twist blinds

Modern vision twist blinds maintain the view from a window, whilst the independently moving slats allow owners to control the light input into their home – ensuring the natural light is not sacrificed by the blinds whilst also giving homeowners complete control of the balance of privacy and light required at any time.


Barton Blinds specialise in a wide range of bespoke blinds to complement your home and perfectly fit your needs. Contact our professional team for further information on the products and services we offer, or stop in to our Doncaster showroom to see how blinds could improve your home.

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