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How to Style Your Home Like an Interior Designer

29th August 2017

How to Style Your Home Like an Interior Designer

If you find yourself with home envy, it’s likely that yours needs a little attention in the interior design department. All homes have the potential to be an interior designer’s dream, but the first thing you need to do is listen and work with the advice you’re given. You don’t have to invest thousands of pounds on a professional, all you need to do is to get inside the mind of an interior designer. Embrace the new and experiment with the old and invest in bold pieces of furniture and colours.

This month Barton Blinds are here to offer a hand when it comes to styling your home. Our experts have put together some tips and tricks to help you think imaginatively so you can enjoy the fresh, fun feel to your home.

How to improve your office environmentHave a Feature Wall

If you’re unsure about going the whole hog with your interior design, a feature wall is the perfect inbetween, it’s eye-catching and adds texture to the room. A feature wall will add colour, style or a pattern and the idea is that the rest of the walls will be painted a muted colour such as white, cream or a lighter shade of the chosen feature wall. When choosing your featured wall, you should pick the first wall that you see when you walk into the room. This way it’ll draw the focus and be complemented by the cleverly integrated furniture and decorations you have selected.

Colour Schemes

  • Match the colours from your largest piece of furniture, rug or artwork
  • Decide on a colour palette
  • Remember: dark to light, floor to ceiling


Work with what you already have, if your upholstery is already heavily patterned, go for neutral wall paint. Choose your colours by going with the largest, most obvious patterned or colourful item you already have and expand on it.

Have a colour palette in mind, if your largest item is a brown rug, you may wish to experiment with other shades of browns and add a contrasting colour like green, for example. Perhaps you have a large piece of artwork with yellow as the main colour, you may want to enhance this with various other shades of yellow and introduce another colour, such as blue. Merging two colours will blend your palettes well and offer exciting soft yet bold shades.

Lastly, when decorating consider placing your darker colours closer to the floor and lighter colours to the ceiling to create a natural gradient in your home’s interior, that’ll be pleasing to the eye.


Expand Your Room With Blinds

Although curtains offer warmth, grandeur and height to a room, they can often overcrowd a small room and sit too heavily around the window frame.

Blinds however, offer clean straight lines and give the illusion that a room is bigger by allowing light into those dark corners. Blinds require less maintenance which makes them ideal for busy modern life, offering timeless designs, styles and practicality.
When redesigning your home, blinds are the ‘go-to’ solution as there’s a whole range to choose from to ensure your tastes, budget and needs are met. Do your research before deciding on your favourite type of blind as there’s so many to choose from including:



Make your room pop with a choice of blinds that’ll match your colour palette!

If you’re looking to revamp your home, trust in Barton Blinds to provide you with excellent window solutions, free quotations, free fittings, free measuring and free home visits. With our team, you can be sure to receive an honest and professional service, give us a call today and see what we can do for you!  

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