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How to Dress Your Conservatory Roof

30th January 2020

Conservatory Blinds in Doncaster

When it comes to conservatories, it can be easy to forget that, much like every other window within your home, your conservatory windows can be dressed as well. However, the roof is often overlooked when it comes to blinds and other window dressings. With a vast range of blinds on offer here at Barton Blinds, we’ll be able to help dress, not only the sides of your conservatory but its roof as well.

In this article, we’ll be explaining the benefits of having conservatory roof blinds installed by a member of our professional team. In addition to this, we’ll also be suggesting blinds that you could potentially have professionally fitted, all available in a wide range of colours, materials, patterns, and styles, so you can enjoy your conservatory in style and comfort all year round.


Advantages of conservatory roof blinds

When it comes to conservatories, one of the last things people tend to think of is dressing the windows. Where this may seem counterproductive, as the whole point of having a conservatory is to maximise the amount of natural light you’re receiving, you may want to add elements of control with regards to the temperature, your privacy and the amount of light that streams in.

Here’s how conservatory roof blinds can benefit you:

Temperature control – it can be difficult to achieve an ideal, comfortable temperature within your conservatory. During the summer they can be stifling hot, whereas in the winter they can be freezing cold. Mitigate this problem with the installation of conservatory roof blinds. Closing them will provide relief from the warm sunshine, whereas in the winter, this can act as a welcome form of insulation, allowing you to enjoy your conservatory regardless of what the weather is doing.

Light control – the amount of natural light your conservatory gets can have an impact on its comfortability. If it’s too bright, then you may not want to relax there for too long, if at all. You can solve this problem by simply closing the blinds. In turn, this will dull down the level of brightness you receive, allowing you to relax in your conservatory for as long as you like. Alternatively, you can fully open the blinds to allow as much light in as possible on a dull, dreary day.

Privacy control – if your house is overlooked by your neighbours, then conservatory blinds will act as a way of keeping prying eyes out. Due to the amount of clear glass that is used to construct a conservatory, you may also want to install blinds to the sides as well as the roof. This will make it even harder for neighbours to look right into your home.

Aesthetically pleasing – not only do they look great, but they can also help to create a welcoming atmosphere. Depending on the style and colour you opt for, you can turn your conservatory into a relaxing oasis, a cosy nook or a homely space. The level of light, privacy and temperature control you have will also help to enhance the atmosphere you’re looking to create. You may even find that adding blinds to your conservatory is the finishing touch you’ve been looking for to complete the look.

Noise reduction – where roof blinds aren’t entirely noise-canceling, they can help to reduce or dull outside sounds which in turn will keep noise to a minimum. It’s a simple yet effective way of reducing the noise you experience from outside your home. If you have problems relaxing in your conservatory due to the level of noise you experience, then you may want to consider adding conservatory roof blinds.


Blinds ideal for a conservatory roof

It can be difficult to know exactly what you’re looking for when dressing a conservatory roof. Often, there’s a common misconception that there’s little to choose from in that regard. However, this simply isn’t true – there are an array of options available from Barton Blinds, and below are a few of our suggestions when it comes to conservatory blinds:

Roller blinds – a simple, contemporary option, roller blinds are perfect for adding sleek, elegant style to any room, especially when placed in a conservatory. They’re easy to use and offer an effective light filter, meaning you’ll be able to control brightness levels and the amount of light you receive in a flash. Coming in a wide range of different colours and patterns, as well as having Perfect Fit options available, you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing roller blinds for your conservatory from Barton Blinds.

Velux/skylight blinds – an ideal choice for a conservatory roof, Velux/skylight blinds are specifically designed to be fitted on roof or skylight windows for absolute ease. You won’t have to worry about installing them, either. We have expert fitters on hand who will be able to install your blinds with the utmost skill and precision every single time. The Velux blinds we supply also come with patented Pick & Click technology, ensuring that they can be operated with ease. We’re pleased to be able to offer Velux/skylight blinds in an array of different colours styles, and patterns, so you’ll always find what you’re looking for with Barton Blinds.

Perfect Fit blinds – for those who would prefer a more polished look, Perfect Fit blinds are ideal. They’re the most commonly used blinds when it comes to dressing conservatory roofs, mainly because they’re easy to operate and come in a wide range of different styles which can be easily matched with the ones you’ve used to dress the sides of your conservatory.

Automated/electric blinds – combining style, convenience, and impressive technology, automated/electric blinds are ideal for windows that are hard to reach, such as those making up the roof of your conservatory. With the touch of a button, you’ll be able to close your roof blinds with absolute ease, all without having to budge from your comfy spot on the sofa. Our electric blinds come in a wide range of different colours patterns, and styles, ensuring we meet your specifications every single time.


Mixing and matching different colours

Having different coloured roof blinds to those ones you have installed on the side of your conservatory can be incredibly effective from an interior design perspective. Barton Blinds have a wide range of different colours available, regardless of the style you’re looking for.

According to Shutterstock, trending colours for 2020 thus far include lava red, turquoise, and navy blue. Although you may not want to combine all three when it comes to dressing the windows of your conservatory. Instead, perhaps contrast the warm, rich tones of lava red with a darker, muted navy blue, or mix turquoise and navy blue together instead for a light, refreshing feel.


Blinds for the sides of your conservatory

It can be easy to neglect to dress the windows that make up the perimeter of your conservatory, but if you’d like consistency to flow throughout the space, then you should consider it for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Not only will it help to complete the look, but it can also further help to retain much-needed heat in the winter, as well as keep it cool in the summer.

The blinds you could install to the sides of your conservatory include:


Barton Blinds are leading suppliers of high-quality blinds in the Doncaster area. If you’re looking to dress your conservatory windows, whether the sides or the roof, then get in touch with a member of our team today. We’re able to carry out free home visits, measurements and installations for your absolute convenience – we operate throughout Rossington, Bawtry, Doncaster, and the surrounding areas.

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