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How Often Should You Change Your Blinds?

31st July 2017

How Long Do Blinds Last?

Blinds generally require little to no maintenance, as usually, a simple wipe or spot clean will suffice.
if you’ve noticed that your blinds are looking worn and they’re making your home look unkempt, then…

It’s time you changed your blinds.

Over time all blinds experience general wear and tear which is irreversible and your cheaper option, rather than restoration, is a total replacement.
Here are 6 signs that it’s time to change your blinds:

1. Safety Hazard

If you have pets and children then it’s even more important to check that your blinds meet health and safety regulations.
If you have even the slightest suspicion that your blinds may pose a threat to others in the home, you should examine whether or not they are still fit for purpose.

Look out for:

  • Frayed pulleys or snapped chains – Frayed or snapped cords mean that the internals are damaged and the cord is catching inside the blind’s mechanisms, therefore you will only exacerbate the situation when you operate the blinds. 
  • Broken cord clips
  • Low cords – Low cords pose a strangulation hazard to both children and animals.

2. Discolouration

It’s not unusual for your blinds to turn an off-white colour over time and this can be the result of two things: indoor pollution and UV damage.

Indoor pollution can be caused by smoking, even if you do not smoke yourself but have purchased a house from previous owners that did, this can be the reason as to why your blinds have turned yellow.
Nicotine residue is notorious for sticking to walls and anything that comes into contact with it will also pick this up too. So before investing in a new set of blinds, you may wish to give your walls a scrub to pick up the remaining nicotine before installing a new set.

As your blinds provide a barrier to the sun’s rays, they will unfortunately experience discolouration over a long period of time. This constant exposure to heat and UV causes minute chemical reactions that reduce the colour of the material. Generally, the UV damage will become obvious many years after installation, and it usually becomes noticeable when blinds show other noticeable wear.

3. Difficult to Operate

When you begin to struggle with the basic opening and closing of your blinds this can be extremely exasperating when all you want is to use your window covers for their primary job. It can be difficult, but you should avoid pulling hard on the blind’s cord because this can damage the fixings within the wall and cause an even bigger issue.

4. Warped

It’s unavoidable, when wooden or aluminium blinds are exposed to heat, they can warp and become deformed. Also for wood, when installed in a damp area or if they are saturated with water, it is quite common for them to swell and become permanently damaged.
Heat and damp are hard to avoid and sometimes it’s cheaper to replace the whole set of blinds even when it’s just been a few slats that have been affected.

This is because it can be hard to find the right shade when replacing said slats, as over time they will have experienced some sun damage and therefore the new slats may look out of place.

5. Frayed Fabric

If your blinds are frayed it’s because they have been measured incorrectly. Fraying around the edges of the fabric shouldn’t be visible and if it is, it’s because the blind is rubbing against the window frame or wall. It’s important that your window blinds are fitted correctly and by a professional to save you time and money.

6. Old-Fashioned

Trends come and go, and sometimes your house can be spruced up with a simple window covering replacement. Say bye bye to the old design and hello to the new. A modern and fresh look could be all you need to revive your windows.

If you’re on the lookout for replacement blinds and want expert advice come to Barton Blinds. We’re based in Doncaster providing properties in Bawtry and Rossington area with free, quotations, free measuring, free fittings and a free home visit to ensure our customers are happy. Whichever type of blind it is that you’re looking for, you can guarantee we have something to suit your needs, tastes and budget. Give us a call today to find out more!

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