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How to Give Your Blinds a Second Life

25th July 2016

Although we’d love to find ourselves with blinds that last forever and ever, at some point they’ll be on their way out and want replacing. Be it because your blinds are tatty, malfunctioning, or simply don’t fit with your decorative vision for your room, you don’t have to resort to binning your old blinds; instead, you should consider repurposing them and giving them a second life in your home. In this month’s article, we’ll be looking at how you can upcycle your old blinds after purchasing new ones!


As room dividers

If your blinds aren’t looking too shabby, you’re just in need of a change, then you should definitely think about utilising your old blinds as room dividers. Working to give your room a sophisticated and modern vibe, room dividers can serve as an added dimension to your room. You could even dye the blinds if they need a little sprucing up or need to work with a different colour palette.

As shopping bags

Bear with us on this one a minute here. The importance of recycling has never been so crucial in these dire times, and besides that, who wants to pay 5p for a bag when you’ve got the materials to make your own bag for life in the form of your old blinds? If you’re equipped with a sewing kit – though preferably a machine – you can sew the individual slats of your fabric blinds together and construct a durable carrier bag that’ll last you a lot longer than the supermarket’s bag for life.

Alternatively, you could weave your old blinds into a storage box, should your attempts to construct a trendy shopping bag go a bit awry.

Use them in your shed

The towel or old bedsheet you have tacked up in your shed window keeping your lawn mower or bicycle away from prying eyes can be replaced by your old blinds. The benefit of this is that you can rest assured that your visual barrier to the contents of your shed won’t easily fall and reveal what’s within. Your shed will even look a bit more appealing too!

Instead of masking tape when painting

So you want to give your walls a fresh coat of paint, but the last time you gave painting a go you ended up getting it all over the coving and skirting boards, even though you’d used masking tape to try and avoid doing so. Coincidentally, you’re now also thinking of what to do with your old blinds. Good news: you can use the slats from your old blinds as a replacement for masking tape. The fact that the slats are wider than masking tape and will sit perpendicular to your coving or skirting board means that you’ll be able to catch any paint that flicks off your brush, ensuring the paint goes exactly where you want it to. When the slat gets too wet with paint, simply exchange it for a dry one!

Before you take down your old blinds in a hurry to get them upcycled, take a look at our buying guide on tips on buying new blinds!

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