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Should I Choose Curtains or Blinds?

27th September 2017

When deciding on the right window coverings for your home, it’s recommended to weigh up the benefits and drawbacks to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for. This is why our team of dedicated specialists have put together a guide, so you’re equipped with all you need to know before investing in a curtains or blinds. If you’re looking for a helping hand to keep your home looking stunning inside and out, then read on!

Light Control

Both blinds and curtains can control the light by simply allowing it in and keeping it out of a room. However, curtains offer either one or the other, whereas blinds give you the flexibility to angle and manipulate the light so that you don’t have to restrict light from a room entirely. Depending on the style of blinds you choose, you can adjust the light horizontally and vertically too, something curtains cannot do.


With a variety of fabrics for curtains on offer you can almost certainly find a colour and or pattern that’s right for you, but with blinds, you get a choice of materials as well as fabrics too. Although a beautifully crafted pair of curtains can be a nice addition to frame your windows, nothing beats the variety of natural woods, plastics and personalised prints you can achieve from the installation of blinds.  


If it’s privacy you’re looking for then you can guarantee that both curtains and blinds will offer you a barrier between your home and any passersby. However, during the summer, do you really want to be closing your curtains just so you can obtain some privacy? Blinds eliminate this problem as they can be tilted to allow the light in whilst restricting the visibility from outside.


It’s hard enough finding time to do the laundry a couple times a week, let alone washing and ironing a pair of curtains – this is why blinds tend to be the preferred option because they require very little maintenance. Instead of unhooking your curtains from a pole and being without a window covering until they dry, blinds can be spot cleaned and dusted, saving you time and keeping your home private and uniform.

Colours and Styles

Both blinds and curtains offer a wide variety of colours and styles, but what you may want to take into consideration is the size and style of the room you will be dressing. If you’re looking to create the illusion that a room is bigger than it is, blinds are the ideal, space-saving solution – opposed to curtains that can have the opposite effect due to their weight. Like curtains, blinds can be found in a whole array of natural or contemporary colours and if it’s a tailored look you’re searching for, count on a blinds installation for that expert fit.


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