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How to Clean Wooden Blinds

14th June 2016

Wooden blinds are one of the most scenic designs for a window adornment out there, instantly setting the tone of a room because of their control of lighting into the space. But if you fail to keep them in good nick you’ll soon find that your rustic blinds are becoming a big focal point of your room for a different reason. That’s why it’s essential that you regularly clean your wooden blinds to maintain them at their best, and today we’ll be letting you in on our top tips for keeping your blinds top notch with our step by step guide.

Spotting dirt and dust

First of all you’ll need to give your blinds a once over to identify any marks or stains on them that may require extra attention to deal with. If any crop up then you’ll need to take special care to avoid damaging your blinds in the process of getting the dirt up. Remove the dirt by using a paper towel, but if it is too hard to remove with this alone you can consider using a wood cleaning agent on a soft cloth, though you must be sure to take care with how much you use: too much and you risk damaging the blinds, particularly if you use an incorrect cleaning motion, which we will now address.


Cleaning your blinds

To avoid damaging your blinds you will need to exercise care over how you clean them, so you will need to close the blinds before you start. You can either dust your blinds using a feather duster, a microfiber cloth or a woollen duster to both collect the dust along the blinds and to keep from leaving streaks and scratches along the slats. To stop the slats coming unhooked you will also need to brush downwards, not upwards.

Alternative methods

Other options for cleaning your blinds involve wearing an old pair of cotton gloves or sock on your hand to rub along the slats, using your fingers to intricately reach sections of the blinds that would otherwise be missed by the use of a more traditional duster. Using a cotton glove also serves to remove any buildup of static electricity that attracts dust more readily to your blinds.

Turn the blinds over!

Once you’ve seen to one side, flip the slats over so you can clean the other side too.

Revitalise your blinds

You may also consider restoring your blinds to their original condition by polishing them to give them back their shine. You should stay away from wax, instead opting more for a little oil soap or a spot of diluted wood cleaner to wipe your blinds down with. However, you don’t need to do this all the time, only every once in awhile, though you will need to regularly dust your blinds as they tend to attract and hold on to dust more readily than metal or plastic blinds do.

A word to the wise

If you’re going to use a bit of water to help you clean your wooden blinds then use only a damp cloth; using too much water on your cloth and blinds will only serve to make it more likely that your blinds will warp, as the wood will absorb the water and leave your blinds distorted and damaged. What little water you do use, however, you should take care to thoroughly dry off after you have finished cleaning your blinds.

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