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Choosing the Right Blinds to Match Your Rooms

26th October 2015

Blinds are a perfect choice to fit your windows with if you want a little extra privacy in your home, and are also a great alternative to curtains, which can sometimes look too bulky in a room.

With so much choice in the type and colour of blind you can choose, however, shopping for the perfect style can sometimes feel overwhelming. We’ve created a guide to help you make the right choice.

Think about the purpose of the blind

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The first thing you need to consider is what purpose you want the blind to serve. For example, if it is to go in the bathroom, privacy will be your main focus. On the other hand, a blind fitted in the kitchen or living room should allow you total control of both privacy and light levels entering the room – it is important to ensure you still have access to plenty of natural light in rooms you spend a lot of time in.

Type of blind

There are a huge range of blinds available, guaranteeing that you’ll find a material and style to suit your needs.


Wooden blinds are a great option for providing a softer, cosier feel to a room such as offices and bedrooms. They are available in a range of colours and will often provide a timeless backdrop to suit any colour scheme.

Be mindful however that wood can warp or damage if exposed to too much moisture, so this type of blind is not best suited to bathrooms or kitchens.


Roman blinds are another great option for a softer, elegant look similar to curtains. The design is less bulky, and provides the option to fold them up and allow all natural light in, or to roll them down and block out the light – ideal for bedrooms. The range of colours on option also means they can be a great addition to any room with bold colour schemes.


Vertical blinds are great for conservatories, larger windows or sliding doors. The design adds an impression of height and space to any room, and stacks to one side rather than at the top of the window – perfect for when you want to allow the sunlight in. Vertical blinds can come in a range of fabrics and colours, providing a modern, contemporary look to your home.


Roller blinds provide a wide range of styles and colours, and are a great way for adding a pop of colour to a room. The blind can be rolled all the way up: ideal for when you only want shade/privacy at certain times. This type of blind is also ideal for the kitchen, as it can come in fabrics that can be easily wiped down to avoid a buildup of grease or grime.

Pick a colour scheme

After deciding what type of blind is bested suited to your requirements, the next step is picking a colour. All our blinds come in a variety of colours to suit everyone’s needs, so the key is deciding how you want your blinds to feature in each room.

Think about how likely you are to redecorate – avoid choosing a clashing colour that may not go with certain schemes. Alternatively, picking a colour that will complement the colour scheme of the room can provide the perfect addition of colour to match the feel of the rest of the home.

Our team here at Barton Blinds are dedicated to supplying you with the perfect blinds for your home, so why not give us a call or contact us today. We’ll work with you to assess your requirements and create bespoke blinds to suit your style.

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