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How to Fix Broken Venetian Blinds

25th February 2016

Venetian blinds are an extremely popular choice of blinds for many households, providing excellent privacy and lighting control to homeowners, with a classic look that can suit every style. However, over time your blinds may be susceptible to damage due to wear and tear, which can affect the look and feel of the entire room due to not being able to correctly control the level of light and privacy each room receives.

To keep your blinds looking great at all times, we’ve compiled a list of common problems with venetian blinds, and how to fix them.


Problem 1: The cord to lift and lower the blinds has stopped working.

A common problem is the lifting cord used to raise and lower the blind becoming jammed or broken, leaving the blinds fixed in one place. It is likely that the cord needs to be replaced in this case.

To replace the old lift cord with a new one, follow our step by step guide below:

1 – Remove your blind from the window

2 – Take off the clamps that secure the cords to the bottom slats

3 – Remove the old cord from the slats

4 – Thread the new lift cord up, over the pulleys, and back down through the slats – make sure there is an even distance between the slats before tying the new cord off

5 – Replace the clamps and re-mount your blind

Problem 2: The blind will not release from the cord lock.

If your blinds will not release when you pull the cords, the cord lock may be jammed or broken. You can fix this easily by pushing the head of a flat screwdriver inside the lock to release it, however it will be useful to check the rest of the mechanism over for any damage or wear.

You may discover that the lift cord is frayed or damaged, causing the lock to jam – in this case, follow the same steps above to replace the cord. Alternatively, the problem may lay with the cord lock itself. You can buy a replacement lock easily to stop the cord jamming.

Problem 3: The blind will not stay locked in the raised position.

These issues link back to the cord or the cord lock – check both of these components for signs of damage, fraying, or any dust/dirt that is causing the problem. Replace any that are identified as damaged using the steps listed above.

Problem 4: One of the slats is damaged and will not tilt correctly.

A damaged or broken slat can ruin the effect of all your blinds, not to mention reduce the level of light you can block out. If you find that one of your slats has become damaged, or is failing to tilt correctly, you may want to replace the slat to maintain the great look of your blinds. To replace slats:

1 – Remove your blinds from the window

2 – Remove the clamps and unthread the pull cords that are weaved through the slats

3 – Slide the damaged slat out

4 – Position the new one so that the cord holes line up with other slats

5 – Feed the cords back through the holes, replace clamps and put the blind back up

Problem 5: I’m worried about my child’s safety around the blinds.

Some blinds can pose a strangulation risk to young children if left unsupervised, so it is important that you take the necessary steps to make your blinds child-safe. Check that the correct cord stops are installed – they should have a point that will separate under pressure – and ensure that the movement of lift cords is limited. You should also ensure that the pull cords are not looped, reducing the risk of a child becoming tangled in them.

Here at Barton Blinds, we make sure that our blinds are only of the highest quality, so you don’t have to worry about frequently repairing yours. We supply a range of styles and designs to suit every budget, creating made to measure blinds that look perfect in your home.

We even provide a five year guarantee on every installation, giving you the peace of mind that your blinds are manufactured to the highest industry standards. For more information, or to discuss obtaining a quote for your blinds, contact us today – we’ll be more than happy to help.

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