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The Blinds and the Hound: Choosing Blinds Your Pet Can Love Too

20th May 2016

From wanting to get a nice view of the postman to using your blinds as their new chew-toy or scratching post, the list of reasons why your pet may get it in their head that your blind’s days are numbered is vast. Luckily, there are simple solutions to these problems and an array of blinds that might partner perfectly with your furry friend. But first thing’s first: you need to figure out why your pet may be harassing your blinds.

Room Without a View

A lot of people find that their canine or feline companion will stop at nothing to get to see what’s on the other side of the window. To your pet the blinds are purely there to obstruct their view, so raising the blinds can be a quick remedy to ensure your pet goes around your blind rather than through them.


Other options however include using cordless vertical blinds your pet can easily push to the side to get to the window. These are less likely to get damaged but more likely to accumulate hair and grime from your pet, so make sure you wipe down your blinds regularly or purchase ones you can wash easily. It’s worth noting that corded blinds, on the other hand, are a surefire way to come home to a tangled mess of blinds on the floor. Worse still, corded blinds could harm your canine or feline companion, and avoiding them may be the best way forward.

Indoor shutters could also be on the cards for your room, and these have the ability to completely transform a space. They are sturdy and your pet will still be able to see through them so you’ll have no trouble with your pet trying to claw its way through. Likewise, blinds with larger slats could be ideal for your pet as they’ll easily be able to see through them, even while mostly closed. Though bigger dogs might be able to paw at the slats and break them, replacements are readily available and easy to fit.

Nibbling Nuisances

If you find that Spike just won’t quit gnawing on your blinds, it’ll be because he has nothing else to chew on. Buying a durable chew toy can keep them off your decor, but when that seems to fail you could invest in fabric roller blinds that provide little fun in nibbling at and can be whipped away and out of your pet’s reach.


A more complex reason for particularly your dog’s apparent manic destruction of your beloved blinds (not to say the rest of your room too!) every time you leave the house could be that they are suffering from separation anxiety. Unfortunately this behaviour is inadvertently learned by your pooch from the fuss you make of it when you come and go, so you’ll have to train your dog to change his tune by changing yours. Ignoring your dog for periods of time before you leave and when you get in or getting them used to being caged can save your room from an unnecessary trashing. Purchasing blinds such as roller shutters or faux wood blinds can ensure that while you’re training Fido, your blind remains tucked out of harm’s way or at the very least is easily repairable.

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