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The Best Blinds For Large Windows

29th October 2017

Our home is the one place where we can fully express our individuality and personalities through the choice of colours, upholstery and general fittings. It’s important to many homeowners to achieve the look that reflects us best and whilst some homes like the minimalistic look, others like an explosion of colours and patterns and some opt for the ultra-modern style.

So when you’re considering the best blinds for your large windows, what is it that you’re looking for? If you have large windows then it’s likely you will want to make them a feature of the room. Having large windows encourages lots of light into a room, which is a very desirable feature, so enhance it the best way possible by choosing the right window solutions, suited to you.

Which Blinds Best Compliment Large Windows?

  • Vertical blinds – give the illusion that the windows are larger than they really are, offering increased height and elegance. They’re ideal for adjusting the light as they can be tilted and completely, parted or altered to one side. Vertical blinds look great over french doors and large windows, including bay and bow.
  • Shutters – there are many types to choose from such as cafe shutters, tier-on-tier, full height shutters and solid panel shutters. These are more of a permanent fixture that needs to be drilled into the walls, offering constant privacy. The drawback is that they can look cold in some homes, they’re generally installed in hotels and in homes located in hot countries.
  • Pleated blinds – a traditional choice, their neat design offers a smart solution to large windows but can sometimes look top heavy on tall windows. This is because they need enough length to cover the entire window, so as you can imagine, as the pleats gather, they can look cumbersome.
  • Perfect Fit blinds – offer no mess and no fuss solution, as they do not require any drilling or fixtures. They attach within seconds with their snap-fit technology that clips to the side of the windows, fitting seamlessly. They offer a sleek finish to all homes and are a fantastic solution to large windows. They’re also child and pet-friendly as they have no cords or loops.
  • Wooden blinds – look great and are ideal for that natural look and because of their slats, they can be tilted and adjusted to allow for optimal light exposure and privacy. However, for large windows, they can be very top-heavy when they’ve been retracted, which can be tough on the fittings and paint/plaster above the window.
  • Roller blinds – simple and effective, they come in a variety of colours and patterns and can offer your windows a clean solution to your light control needs. The only drawback is that unlike slats, they really only offer full light exposure or no light at all.

How to Choose Blinds for Your Large Windows

Every type of blinds offers you a light control solution but there are a few other questions you will need to consider before deciding on the blinds that are best for you.

  • Do I want privacy as well as light control?
    This might point you in the direction of slatted blinds or vertical blinds as they offer both.
  • Do I want a particular style?
    If you want more than just straight up and down blinds, pleated blinds are the ones for you.
  • Do I want to be bold with colours and patterns?
    For those looking to make a statement and frame their windows with an eye-catching design, the solution would be roller blinds, Perfect Fit or vertical blinds. These styles offer a range of materials, colours and dramatic patterns; opposed to wooden blinds for example, that only offer slightly darker and lighter tones of wood.

If you’re looking for high-quality blinds, expert fittings and friendly advice please don’t hesitate to contact our professionals at Barton Blinds today. With over 20 years of experience in our industry, you can count on us to get the job done right, the first time around. For free quotations, free measuring, free fitting and free home visits, ring us today and let’s get started.

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