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Autumn/Winter Interior Trends 2016

24th August 2016

Though we don’t like to talk about summer coming to an end, the autumn and winter months are fast approaching once more, but just because the weather is suffering doesn’t mean that your blinds have to suffer too. Autumn/winter 2016 comes with a whole host of new design trends in tow for you to sink your teeth into. To get ahead of the new season, this month we’ll be looking at all the latest trends you can expect to see take the market by storm in the coming months.

Metal Mix & Match

The metallic touch to interior design is in this year, and mashing whatever metallic colours you can find together is a guaranteed way to achieve this look. Golds, silvers, steels and bronzes complement one another effortlessly, improving their impact and making them appear at home in your room’s design. Coloured aluminium blinds alongside metallic fireplaces, coffee tables, picture frames and other items of furniture are all great ways of implementing metals in your room.

However, be sure not to limit the metallic vibe to the obvious: metallic colours can also be found on fabrics, so it might be worthwhile to include golden pillowcases in your redesign.

Delft Pottery

We’re also highlighting the resurgence of Delft pottery and patterns this year, with its quaint depictions of country life and distinctive blue and white colours. Wallpapers and curtains are readily available in this style, but don’t forget to utilise the famous pottery as well in your designs!


Entrenched Functionality

The decorative aspects of your room don’t have to be purely aesthetic, they can provide a functional quality too. Think about re-positioning your bed so that the back of the headboard can be utilised as a shelving unit, or repurposing your bedroom’s TV cabinet as a cupboard space and mounting a TV to the wall instead. Blackout blinds, meanwhile, don’t have to be unsightly just because they serve a dedicated purpose – play with colour patterns to achieve an aesthetic yet highly functional addition to your room.

A Modern Take of a Traditional Classic

In the past few years people may have ditched what they only saw as a cumbersome desk in favour of an armchair or mirror, but desks are on their way back in. Coming in sleek and modern designs, these desks are great for getting you off of the bed and using your laptop in a more supporting posture that’ll see your backache cured or staved off. Placing desks under your window also ensures that you can enjoy both the functionality of the things in the room itself while also soaking up the views of the outside. However, a desk placed below the window requires exquisite blinds to divert the glare of the setting or rising sun when you’re hard at work. Barton Blinds supply a vast range of high quality blinds that can do just that.

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