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All you need to know about Perfect Fit Blinds

18th September 2015

Perfect Fit blinds have a number of benefits, providing a stylish and functional look to any room. Here at Barton Blinds, our team have been installing Perfect Fit blinds for years, so we’ve compiled all the things you may want to know about installing them in your home.

Are they suitable for my windows?

The great thing about Perfect Fit blinds is how versatile they are – the blinds can be fitted to 95% of uPVC double glazed windows, providing the depth is between 18 – 30mm. They can also fit onto skylights and door frames, providing a cohesive look for a room with multiple window types.
Contact our experts at Barton Blinds to check that your windows are suitable for Perfect Fit blinds if you are unsure.

How do they fit onto windows?

Perfect Fit blinds have clips that slide between the rubber gasket and glass, making them super easy to fit and leaving no damage to your windows.
The blinds fit into your window frames via spring steel clips which are powder coated to match the frame colour, ensuring a seamless fit.

What styles are there?

Perfect Fit blinds come in a range of styles, guaranteeing that one will suit the feel and look of your room. We offer roller, pleated and venetian blinds – each add a different feel to a room and can provide varying levels of privacy and light to suit your needs.
Pleated blinds are ideal if you want privacy in the evening, but to keep the option to slide the blinds up to let maximum light in. Venetian blinds, on the other hand, are ideal for security in the home as the slats will block passers-by seeing into your home, but will also allow light through. Roller blinds are the perfect choice for making a bold statement in the room, with many colours available to really set the right tone in your home.

Do they come in different colours?

Here at Barton Blinds we provide a wide range of colours and materials in all three styles of Perfect Fit blind. Our team are dedicated to finding the perfect match to suit your individual requirements.

Are wooden Perfect Fit blinds available?

Perfect Fit blinds can be fitted onto wooden frames, however wooden blinds themselves are not offered. This is because the wooden variety of venetian blinds can warp and interfere with the operation of the blinds which sit so flush against the window. Alternative options are available however, which closely resemble a wood finish.

Are they child safe?

Absolutely! There are no loose cords or loops that could be dangerous to children or pose as a strangulation risk, making Perfect Fit blinds one of the safest designs on offer.

Here at Barton Blinds, we’re specialists in installing Perfect Fit blinds, so you can rely on our experience to provide a high quality of service and the best fit for your windows.
Contact us today to find out more information, and to arrange a home consultation with our expert team today!

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