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5 Things To Look For In Window Blinds

30th June 2017

When buying blinds, it can be hard to know where to start and what it is that you’re really looking for. This is why our professionals have put together a guide to help you to consider the things that’ll matter to you the most, as we only ever provide our customers with the perfect blinds.

Light and Privacy 

When considering blinds, you want to think about their versatility.


Venetian blinds – these offer coverage of the whole window and you can adjust the amount of light by tilting the slats. This is ideal for all rooms in the home because it offers privacy as well as ideal control of light.

Blackout blinds – these are generally used in the bedroom because they’re ideal for getting a good night’s sleep, not to mention they help dampen any sound from passers by outside. The reason these are usually only installed in bedrooms is because they don’t offer an in between, it’s either no light or all the light.

Vertical blinds – ideal for covering tall French doors and long windows. Like the Venetian blinds, these allow for the optimal light filtration whilst allowing privacy at a clever tilt. Their simple and versatile design could be what you’ve been looking for in your conservatory.

Your Budget

Whether you’re fitting one window with blinds or an entire house, you probably have a budget in mind. The good thing with blinds is that they vary in price to suit each and every household, but it’s still worth taking the size of your windows into consideration. The larger the blinds the more they will cost, so you may wish to spend more on your bedroom and living room blinds and less on the bathroom and office, for example.


If you spend little time at home, you may want to invest in blinds that require little attention, such as roller blinds. Although blinds are generally low maintenance – as opposed to other types of window coverings – slatted blinds do require a dust or a vacuum every now and then. For those looking for the least amount of upkeep, textured fabrics are the blinds to choose as dust and dirt aren’t as visible on these – which means maintenance can be left just that bit longer.


If you have pets or children, you will want your blinds to be as safe for them as possible. This is why there are various child-safe and pet-safe options including:

  • Motorised blinds with the use of a remote can be altered at the simple push of a button. They can even be time scheduled so that you don’t have to use the remote often, should you wish to mount it on the wall and forget about it completely.
  • Clips can be provided to hold back the loose cords of your existing or newly installed blinds if you still want the manual aspect but need to make them safe. 
  • Wands eliminate the use of the looped cord altogether. This long, clear plastic manual addition can ensure the safety of your children and pets.

Rules of Style

You can match the colour of your blinds to your home with ease as blinds come in all colours, patterns and styles. You can even match the colour of your blinds to the trim of the window for complete coordination. Trust in Barton Blinds to supply you with blinds to suit all tastes – from modern to traditional styles.

Come to Barton Blinds; our 18 years of experience has enabled our company to flourish and we are now the leading supplier of window blinds, canopies and awnings across the whole of Doncaster. Count on our highly trained and skilled professionals to deliver and install the perfect window blinds. We offer free quotations with no obligations, free measuring, free fittings and free home visits – so what are you waiting for? Ring our team today so we can schedule a time most convenient for you.

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